Influencer Marketing


Uncover the secrets to Influencer Marketing and use the Blueprint to drive traffic to your Ecommerce store揭露網紅營銷的秘密,並使用流量推到您的獨立商店

Google and Facebook Ads


Allowing you to gain instant access to a plethora of critical information regarding one's business and marketing efficiently and effectively


Woocommerce Store

Woocommerce 獨立站

Discover all the steps that you need to build an Ecommerce store from scratch and never have to figure it out on your own


EMC3 Course Curriculum

EMC3 課程大綱


  Using The Influencer Marketing Blueprint for your Ecommerce Store 利用網紅行銷擴大你的電商生意
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  Understanding the Fundamentals of Google and Facebook Ads 理解臉書以及谷歌廣告的基本概念
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  How to Build Your Ecommerce Store Using Wordpress 如何利用Wordpress建立你的缐上店
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One-time Course Fee 一次性課程費用

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